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I picked up the latest issue of History Magazine recently and came across an article titled, “1816: The Year Without A Summer.” It was an interesting read and the piece explored how the massive eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia (then known as the Dutch East Indies) in 1815 had a devastating effect on global weather patterns. The explosion was heard as far away as 1200 miles while the volcanic gases reached 24 miles into the stratosphere. At its peak Mount Tambora stood 13 000 feet. By the time the volcanic eruption was done it was a mere 9 350 feet.

That’s some poof.

By 1817 the weather had begun to normalize but there remained a lingering effect. One episode took place in Lake Geneva (that’s in Switzerland, Jen) in 1816. A party of English travelers were staying with Lord Byron but the rain was rampant enough to force everyone indoors and read ghost stories. At one point, the good lord suggested everyone actually write a ghost story.

And write they did.

One gal went by the name of Mary Godwin. She went on to become Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and her creative mind gave the world Frankenstein.

Who says great gifts don’t come from nature?

But it’s riveting nonetheless.

Presented here is an introduction to web bot technology courtesy of Urban Survival. I get it. Sorta. Not really. But I do know it’s brilliant.

Incredibly interesting. Web bots explore the nether regions of our collective consciousness and may lend insights and give evidence to various events that humans may face. It certainly has a quantum component to it.

In the blah, blah corner, the Mayan calendar mysteriously ends on December 12, 2012. Which is taken of course to mean the end of the world. I don’t know what the Mayans knew but it’s a helluva calendar aesthetically speaking. As we know, the world was supposed to end on numerous occasions. Yet, wretched little creatures that we are, this species continues to exist.

I’m betting we’re still going to be around and so does this blogger.

Where can I buy 12/12/12 futures contracts?

I’ve noticed the word zeitgeist is a popular choice for conspiracy theorists and the outright unhinged these days. I get an awful lot of emails from friends attempting to “educate” me about “history” as it’s interpreted by God knows who.

Yawn. I blame the x-Files. Damn them Mulder and Scully.

It’s insulting but I know they’re just trying to save me. From what I’m unceratin. Apparently, my lack of conviction in all things conspiratorial means I help feed the darkness of evil and ignorance.

Knowledge is power I’m told and with it comes a link to some tired argument about something incomprehensible because it’s hard to read through the hyperbole. I know it makes for great intrigue but I that sometimes history is far less energetic and dynamic at times.

A less popular dictum I’ve seen (mis) used is how Occam’s Razor and how it relates and pertains to 9/11. It seems Occam’s Razor is used to prove that there was a conspiracy. When in fact, OR probably would conclude that the most likely answer is that a few Arabs (I forget how many) hijacked planes and flew them into two buildings driven by political-religious fanaticism.

All to arrange a blind date with 72 lousy virgins I might add.

The funny thing about intelligent philosophical principles is that it can be molded to fit any position andm still make perfect sense. In other words, we can twist and steer clear of its original intent and meaning so as to meet a prevailing belief.

Again, I ask.

Who owns the zeitgeist?

Here’s an absolutely outstanding blog post from Brandthroposophy (I had to stare at this to make sure I avoided misspelling it) about branding and innovation – or the lack thereof here in Canada. I found this while researching a blog post about the Italian fashion industry for e-Talian. I decided to cross-post. Is that what they call it?

Anyway, the article goes into the (Giovanni Battista) Giorgini Principle (the man who established an indigenous Italian fashion industry 57 years ago. Once a copy-cat world, the Italians pushed France aside and became the standard by which all great fashion design was measured) and is well-worth the read.

Ironically, I do feel there are some analogies between Quebec and Italian culture. Something tells me the Italian business model would suit Quebec’s artistic soul quite well.

Men and women have been waiting for the end of the world for centuries now. Over the years, I can’t remember how many times I’ve read the world will end since the Book of Revelations was written 2000 years ago.

In the 20th century, a new type of doomster has joined the fray: the environmental doomsayer. Only these people are smarter. They claim to have science on their side.

I’ve always been of the opinion you could make something as ugly or as beautiful as you want. You can be pessimistic or optimistic. You can make the world look like it’s about to end or you can draw it as just the beginning.

I’m not convinced, that anything will destroy us in our lifetime – same with the decline of the American empire which is overdone by my estimation. I was a bull when I was a broker and a bull I shall remain. You can call be delusional or naive. Or both. But that’s the way it is with me. Something will happen in nature to make us all go, “Ah, the little…” and the Americans will realize that their work is not done. The Redeem Team is in Beijing but redemption and optimism seems to be a strong suit with the great republic.

A tipping point will take place somehow.

The bears and naysayers have been wrong for so long now it’s amazing they still have an audience at all.

Meh. Now watch the world end tonight. Of course, the Book of Revelations and its supporters and defenders will say, “See, we told you so! We knew it!” After 2000 years your bound to be right at some point, no?

Anyway, so many smart people have tried to calculate the exact date (just like when I had stubborn clients who were convinced they had mathematically figured out the options market. They were, obviously, always wrong and usually lost money. They would then blame us for high fees and poor advice. Naturally) when the end of the world would come and so far, well…

I won’t gloat.

It says here that according to a good preacher, “the ratio between eternally lost and saved would be 1 in 17 476.”

I gotta say.

I like my chances.

For shame.

I see no connection between the Greyhound bus murder and animals. This is senseless provocative advertising designed to capitalize on the death of a person.

Quite frankly they’ve finally made me permanently blind and deaf to them.

Devoid of any real imagination – and humanity.

It is said history is written by the winners.

Has this notion moved on?

Is history now written by the losers now? The victims so to speak?

I recently visited the Unesco World Heritage site. Here’s a list of WHS from around the planet.

Italy heads the list with 43 sites followed by Spain with 40, China 37 while France and Germany follow with 33 each.

Other countries of interest include: Mexico with 29, United Kingdom and India share 27, Russia 23, the United States 20, Australia, Brazil and Greece at 17 , Canada with 15 and Sweden at 14.

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